Free, online, hands-on creative workshops for middle and high-school students

March 28 - April 28, 2020

Online, via the Unhangout Platform


Does your child love creating, building, and learning new things? As a parent, you are wondering how your child can make the most use of this out of school time when all the schools and after-school programs are shutting down temporarily in your city? For families with kids in middle and high school, please encourage them to sign-up for a series of free, online, and hands-on workshops focused on fun and creative topics such as app development, sketching, coding with Scratch, electronics, building robots, etc. These workshops will be led by facilitators who work in the tech industry and hold a broad range of skill sets. The workshops are multilingual (in Korean, Bengali, English, Hindi, etc.) and the speakers might be able to accommodate the diverse language needs of students.


1. Introduction to Character Designing

This course is designed for newbies, so you'll easily learn all tips and hacks for sketching cartoons. It will cover how to work with lines, and basic shapes to create interesting personalities and tell stories.

Character sketches

Facilitator: Anna

Language: English

Grades: 5-8

Requirements: Pencil and white paper

Date & Time: March 29th & April 5th, 4 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

2. Building Mobile Apps with MIT App Inventor

This workshop will introduce students to the MIT App Inventor and will engage them in designing mobile apps using the tool.

App Inventor Image

Facilitator: Srishti Sethi

Language: English/Hindi

Grades: 5-12

Requirements: A computer, an android device (optional), internet and a Google Account

Date & Time: April 11th, 4 pm & April 19th, 2:30 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

3. Introduction to Robotic Programming Concepts

In this workshop, students will learn about basic robot programming concepts and build skills in algebra, geometry, mental math, and spatial reasoning by working through fun robot puzzles.


Facilitator: Daniel Fitzgerald

Language: English

Grades: 5-8

Requirements: Computer with internet

Date & Time: April 12th, 4 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

4. Designing Circuits with TinkerCad

Learn how to build basic circuits (series/parallel) using simulated components in TinkerCad. Also learn how to program an Arduino to control a motor using block-based programming.

Tinkercad Image

Facilitator: Suchakra Sharma

Language: English

Grades: 8-10

Requirements: Computer with internet

Date & Time: April 18th, 3:00 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

5. Making Hybrid Images using Python

In this workshop, we will create hybrid images that exhibit an optical illusion of seeing two different images, depending on the viewing distance. We will learn to do so with Python programming.

hybrid image

Facilitator: Hayley Song

Language: English/Korean

Grades: 6-12

Requirements: Two (similar) pictures (eg. pictures taken at the same location but different times, images of your portrait and your dad's). Computer with Python installed.

Date & Time: April 25th, 4:00 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

6. Programming with Scratch

In this workshop, students will get introduced to the Scratch programming environment and learn how to develop stories, games & animations using the tool.


Facilitator: Bhavishyaa Vignesh & Suchakra Sharma

Language: English

Grades: 5-12

Requirements: Computer and internet

Date & Time: April 26th, 4:00 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)


Registration for Spandan Workshops for Round 1 is now closed. We might plan a Round 2 sometime later in the year. If you are interested in attending our future workshops, sign-up below to receive updates about Spandan Workshops Round 2!

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Anna Chakravorty

Anna Chakravorty is a graphic artist and a UX designer based out of Edmonton, Canada. She is an instructor at the University of Alberta.




Daniel Fitzgerald

Daniel is a software engineer at iRobot, makers of the Roomba robot vacuum. He enjoys projects that combine hardware, software, and electronics.




Suchakra Sharma

Suchakra is a computer scientist and a designer based out of Toronto, Canada. He likes to tinker around with code and circuits.




Srishti Sethi

Srishti is a Developer Advocate based out of Oakland, California. She likes to code, develop educational tools and programs.




Hayley Song

Hayley is a PhD student studying AI for knowledge discovery in Los Angeles, USA. She likes to sketch, color-code and write to think and communicate better.



Bhavishyaa Vignesh

Bhavishyaa is an elementary school student based out of Toronto, Canada. She loves to play around with programming and has built several games using fun tools like Scratch, Makey Makey and Micro:bit.



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